Environmental Informatics Group (EIG) is a research institute at Saarland State University of Applied Sciences (HTW) , located in Saarbrücken, Germany. The institute has a long history of environmental software applications known under the terms Environmental Software Systems (ESS), Environmental Information Systems (EIS), Environmental Informatics, or short Enviromatics.

The first Environmental Informatics Institute was founded at HTW in 1986 and was amongst the first institutes of its kind world-wide. After changes in personnel and strategy, the institute has been re-established under the name EIG in 1995 by Prof. Dr. Reiner Güttler and Prof. Dr. Ralf Denzer, both teaching in the Informatics Department of HTW.

In total, we have been involved in over 80 EIS projects over the last 20 years, including projects for international bodies like the European Commission and the United Nations. We conduct applied as well as research projects and aim to foster technology transfer of new and innovative concepts from IT into environmental software application.

Because of the complexity of EIS projects and because of the broad range of tools and concepts involved, we have come to the conclusion that EIS projects are best implemented in collaboration with the best available experts in a particular domain or software applications. Therefore, collaboration is more than a need it is our most important R&D philosophy. For this reason, we maintain a network of researchers and developers which spreads world-wide.

We have worked in project collaborations with colleagues and institutions all over Europe, South- & North America, Australia and New Zealand. Our collaboration network includes national and international research institutions, national government bodies, international bodies and industry.

We do also strongly support international scientific exchange in the field of Enviromatics by initiating and organizing conferences, workshops, scientific working groups and collaborative project proposals.